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Every year, BMW battles Mercedes and Audi for the global sales crown and it's for good reason they won several times in recent years.  They are always pushing boundaries of design, performance and technology.  You simply can't go wrong with any of their cars and they have such a wide range of choices, it makes even our head spin calculating all the deal numbers.  The all new 3 series is making waves as well as the all new 8 series.  Can't forgot the X7 whose long anticipated arrival was well worth it.  It's very fair to say it's the 7 series of SUV's.  The X3 and X5 are class leaders so their SUV lineup is one of the strongest with addition of the X1, X2, X4 and X6.  Our relationships with BMW dealers are particularly strong so we can get you some amazing off sticker price deals.  

Some of these deals move so fast they may be gone by the time you act.  Also, If you want a slightly different configuration than the model we're advertising, then we'll give you the exact same discount on your specific configuration. 

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